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This is the completed birthday gift for me, orchestrated by the amazing FiveTail. There’s really not much to say. I mean, look at this fucking thing. What is there to say that I haven’t keyboard smashed to everyone who was involved? I’m still in disbelief that something like this even happened. Like, someone came up with this genius idea, and then an entire group of people made it a fucking reality. I have a bunch of my favorite characters, drawn by a bunch of my favorite artists, laid out on a character select screen from one of my favorite games.

I’ve never received a gift like this in my life. 

To the following folks: Thank you.

http://fivetail.tumblr.com/ (coordinator)
http://omgrunlol.tumblr.com/ (graphic design and layout)
http://lintufriikki.tumblr.com/ (Engineer)
http://kilomonster.tumblr.com/ (Soldier)
http://makanidotdot.tumblr.com/ (Medic)
http://ren-ne-rei.tumblr.com/ (Riza Hawkeye, Brigadier General Armstrong)
http://creepyeverything.tumblr.com/ (Taskmaster)
http://kakimari.tumblr.com/ (Noel Vermillion)
http://prawn-z.tumblr.com/ (Dudley)
http://uniformshark.tumblr.com/ (HUNK)
http://traces-of-ink.tumblr.com/ (Garrus Vakarian)
http://wachtelspinat.tumblr.com/ (Albert Wesker)
http://geromy.tumblr.com/ (Amaterasu)

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    HOLY MOTHER OF aslakapwygjag
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    MAAAAAAN Who can I blame for drawing that awesome Medic!? OwO
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    I had to take a double take on this. I just realized the TF2 peeps are on it. Plus Wesky and HUNK as well =)
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    WHY ISN’T THAT MEDIC FACE PAINT IN TF2!?!?! I’d pay an arm and a SPY HEAD for it…
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