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Day 1 #cosplay

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I always thought it would be really groovy if they made a sequel to Defiance where Raziel could still communicate with Kain from inside the Reaver. And he’d be in a much better mood than he was in the other games since it would no longer be his responsibility to figure shit out and Kain’s the one stuck doing all the box puzzles and platforming, so he’d be pretty snarky. Like Morte from Planescape. And instead of imbuing the Reaver with different elements you would now power it up by finding interesting new souls to feed to Raziel. And if you kept feeding him the same stuff he’d get sulky and your attack strength would go down. And maybe there’d be miniquests where he’d demand the souls of obscure creatures, like maybe the soul of a morose teenager or one of those cows with a spot on its hide shaped like Mickey Mouse, or a fajita, and if you fed him what he wanted you’d completely OP the Reaver and win Nosgoth and keep Raziel from going insane.

I don’t guess this is likely to happen now.

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Magnus is highly productive during moments of life-or-death urgency.

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I don’t think I ever posted this despite picking at it from time to time since…months?

Just testing some things I suppose

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A translation because I felt like it (and my Chinese skills are slipping).

TG: Good morning big sister!

TG: Good morning auntie!

M: (S)He is clearly older than me.  Why is (s)he big sister and I am auntie?

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You know what I was going to do today? … well, not this. Then I read Windblade #1 and I sort of had to, because they’re such great dorks.

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draw some snk!!




I’ve been on this website for almost four years and I still don’t know what snk means

oh my god

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