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'Pizza Party' Tailgate, Swerve, Pipes, and Rewind by Josh Perez at BotCon! Thank you Josh!!

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open rp





boy am i hungry for a krabby patty



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Look who is a dumb baby and made waaaay too many different motives ;u;”

Only a few are poster sized though and some A4

Please consider  PREORDERING to guarantee prints you want!

(The color guide shows which print is available in what size.You simply fill the letters and how many copies you want in the right column  there is also an example row but feel free to aks should things still be unclear)

F,L and X are available ONLY from me personally (way too gay and the cover one I’m uncertain becuase of copyrights)

It’s all ‘photoprints’ so this is how the backside looks (this one is the A6 as example)

Choose something from my fancy grab bag if you place an order through me over 6£!


Some motives are very limited.
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! I’m going in order of the preorder sheet (grab bag is simply who approaches me first.)

Preorder allows you to get what you like and for me to get to know people enjoying my art, personally! Besides you don’t have to fight at the Fan Sales Table to get through and even receive a small gift when you order is large enough ; )

Now you wonder how to find me? Easy!
Auto Assembly really is small so it’s impossible to NOT run into each other

This is how you will recognize me C:


(For the time till AA, reblogs would help and be very much apreciated <3)

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this was a school assignment!

just some flower-ish knights and an oracle dude

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Title: UnknownGotta Get the Cash
Artist: UnknownDoujah Raze
Album: UnknownAnarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy OST
Played: 198 times

Yo, you don’t know me, and you don’t know
What I’m going through
So fuck you and your lame ass point of view

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I try to help out where I can

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Fucking Kotaku Journalist

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Rung for Flamefatalis

Happy belated birthday!

P.S. he’s going for a hug, so give him one

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ok maybe I upload this one

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the currency of the future

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The SEGA CD is such a masterpiece.

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and the amazing coloured versions of them done by the ever so talented Mr. Josh Perez :)
my work is really nothing special without him :)

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Society6 now offers duvet covers, enabling me to provide you with some skulls, plague doctors, ratkings and organs for your home!

Available in my store

I want the beak and organ ones so badlyyyyy

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