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Hijacking/destroying aircraft mid-air, zombies, and luchador fights with chainsaws and sharks.

This game really does have it all.

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Wanted to draw something small after weeks of major art-blockiness. [click to see real size]

Swerve is the cutest ♥

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I actually had everything sketched out before I decided a silhouette would be better here haha

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Transformers pics (or what I could call ‘triptych of Transformers under unusual light conditions’, it turns out) for Sirkai.

1/3, Ulta Magnus.

Ahhhh thank you Ana; these all turned out so brilliantly! :D

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In which I meet zombies and then Burt Reynolds

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(Oh,I forgot to draw his back parts D:)


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Title: Unknownlisten 2 me u fuckin weebadoo nerd
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tried to emulate the style of The Wolf Among Us using an OC of mine…I don’t know how successful I was, but it was an interesting thinking exercise.

EDIT: fiddled with the shadows a bit and added the text :D

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Speed paint for the Art Request Meme. Suckerpunchcandy requested Bee + KO. Prompt was the amazing song “Move Like a Soldier” by Kristina Maria.

Every Decepticon traitor faces deadly consequences for their betrayal. The Decepticon Justice Division makes certain of it.

Luckily, there’s one bot determined to make Knock Out the exception.”

Amazing, hnnnngh!   *broship hugs*

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a school assignment

the theme was “mayan superheros” so i drew rodimus and the rest of the 80s movie crew

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graceful warrior drift & clunky old medic ratchet

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