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Megatron | MTMTE #32

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most important part of a drawan I’m working on currently lol

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New wallpaper for the Lordran and Beyond Patreon! You can tip your hats to the ever wonderful Makani for contributing this beautiful piece of Gavlan goodness :) $10 Patrons can snag it up right now!

Dark Souls fans should really check this out and consider supporting :)

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tiny baby fight

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Transformers Robots in Disguise #33 30th Anniversary RI Cover by Sarah Stone

30th Anniverssary Cover (3 of 3)! The previous two I did are here and here. This ended up being a very emotional part of Last Stand of the Wreckers for me, so here’s my tribute. Thank you again, IDW, for allowing me to participate in TF’s 30th birthday. <3


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I think this is the last thing I drew in Photoshop for now

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Twitter TF 60min drawing. Theme of this week was ‘present’.

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Archmage and hero of the Blight in Ferelden- Wynne

Ahh i finally get round to finishing this piece after reading Asunder ; u ;. Perhaps i shouldn’t have drawn her with that staff… ahaha. Took a lot of liberties with her robes too.. *coughI hope i did her magical bosoms justicecough*

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don’t even know what i’m doing anymore

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